Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lip Gloss Holder Tutorial / Chapstick Holder Tutorial

This is a very quick picture tutorial and not very professional looking...   There are many Lip Gloss Holder / Chapstick Holder tutorials out there, but this one is designed to maximize the number of strips you can cut from a 12 x 12 sheet of designer series paper.   You can get 18 strips from one sheet when you cut 2 x 4 strips. 

See the previous post for the supplies I used to make this.

Be sure to test these score marks on some scrap cardstock.  If you lip gloss or Chap stick is thicker, you will need to adjust the second score mark (the 1-3/4")  to a slightly longer measurement so that the bottom will be large enough to accommodate it.  E.G. 1-7/8"

     Attach a piece of stricky strip to hold the lip gloss or Chapstick

This shows the inside with the lip gloss

I cut half a Velcro dot for the closure.

Voila, it's done!

Hope you try it!

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